Combating Climate Change, Native American Venture Fund to Engage With World Wide Carbon, LLC to Place 360M Carbon Offsets Annually, Valued at $2.5B USD, Produced From Future Tribal Projects

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The Native American Venture Fund (NAVF) and World Wide Carbon WWC ACCF Global Management (WWC) announced today that they have entered into a futures buying agreement for up to 360 million carbon offsets/credits annually over a 10-year period. The market value of the volume of aforementioned credits would be over $2.5 billion USD — indexed to the current listing floor within the California Allowance Mandatory marketplace.

NAVF’s leadership team has extensive experience developing investment structures within an economic, social and governance (ESG) framework to the benefit of North America's indigenous tribes. NAVF and its ecological teams have several large-scale, Tribal carbon sequestration projects currently in planning that will encompass the preservation, protection and expansion of millions of acres of tribal forests, while ensuring their continued carbon sequestration for generations to come. WWC is a leading global sustainability organization that represents an environmental commodities private exchange of a select group of high-volume corporate clients for the purchase of carbon offsets. The parties have identified the potential carbon credit/offset yield from several planned Native American Venture Fund indigenous carbon sequestration projects is circa 360,000,000 +/- aggregated total units via a projected multi-year rollout schedule, which would be purchased by WWC at a value per unit adjusted to a percentage discount rate of the California Allowance unit price at the time of the transaction.

"This is a game changer for carbon offset monetization regarding the willingness to purchase such a high volume of carbon credits that our Tribal partnerships will produce within Indian Country that could potentially generate billions for tribal economic sustainability and significant returns for our investors."

John Cataldi, Managing Partner

“This is a game changer for carbon offset monetization regarding the willingness to purchase such a high volume of carbon credits that our Tribal partnerships will produce within Indian Country that could potentially generate billions for tribal economic sustainability and significant returns for our investors. WWC’s unique purchase structure will mitigate a majority of the back-end risk associated with selling carbon offsets relevant to the California Air Resources Board oversight and the Western Climate Initiative Market,” says John Cataldi, Managing Partner of NAVF.

“We share NAVF’s passion to create a sustainable future for both the environment and the economic development within North American Indigenous Tribes. NAVF’s leadership, environmental expertise, deep respect and understanding of Native American Tribes makes them an ideal, long-term partner,” says Mark Loewen, President, WWC.

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The Native American Venture Fund (NAVF) is an impact investment fund that promotes economic, social and governance (ESG) development activities for indigenous tribes throughout North America. The management and advisory team of NAVF have more than 50 years of direct work experience with Native American and the First Nation Tribes. For more information, please visit, or contact:

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World Wide Carbon LLC provides value by combining skill, technology and a thorough understanding of the global carbon markets. As a full service, end to end, vertically integrated sustainability solutions provider, World Wide Carbon LLC offers clients and affiliates high-quality responsive services. World Wide Carbon LLC its affiliates and specialized professionals provide a full range of sustainability-based ancillary services to regional, national and international corporations, businesses, agencies and foundations represented in all compliance and voluntary carbon markets. For more information, please visit or contact:

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